lite biology is a study aid for high school & college-level Biology exams. It's the explanations you missed in class, the notes you forgot to take and a simplified (more interactive) version of your textbook. I also have AP lab guides to help you plan, carry out and write your labs.

If you're taking the AP, IB or A-level Biology exam, I hope you'll find the stuff here useful! I try to take all syllabi into account while writing the posts. If there's something missing that you want to know, just shout.

I want to make biology simple, but not just hand you bullet point notes like other websites -- those are useful for memorizing for your exams, but it won't be enough to help you understand your classes. I want to provide readable, understandable bits of information, that I hope will be easier to digest than your textbook.

I'm hoping this website will help you make the connections and remember biology concepts better. If you think there is something I can add, or if you have any good news about how reading litebiology helped you in a recent assignment, quiz, exam, do drop me a line.

About me
In high school, Biology was not one of my favorite subjects. Bio class was time for doodling. I hated the exams. There was always so much to remember, so much to write.

And then I did my A-levels. I still remember munching on popcorn and candy in a darkened lab, watching a film of how Watson and Crick discovered/stole the structure of DNA. Biology started to look more interesting -- and I didn't drop the class as I had originally planned! For this, I have one main person to thank: a really excellent teacher, Mr. McReynolds of Methodist College Belfast.

After majoring in Chemical Engineering (Bachelors) and Biomedical Engineering (Masters), I am now pursuing my doctorate in Biology at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, where I am studying the process of mitosis in human cells, using very fast fluorescence microscopes. Hopefully, the work I (and my colleagues) do will help other scientists understand cell division better, and eventually find new ways to treat cancer effectively.

At my university, I help run practical laboratory courses and teach classes on enzyme kinetics. In addition, I give one-on-one tutoring in AP and IB Biology, along with Math, Chemistry and Physics, to students in International schools and top Swiss schools in Zurich. Update: As I will be moving to Geneva soon, I will no longer be offering year-long tutoring, but might still be able to help with particular chapters or portfolios for a short period of time.
Last updated: November 2012

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